Premmie Ruler - Modern


Record your Premature Baby's birth in a unique and special way!

Imagine not only recording your tiny child's birth details, but having a lasting, physical representation of their incredible premature newborn size! 
That's what we offer with our unique timber Premature Baby Ruler designed for babies born between 24-34 weeks.

Each timber Premmie Ruler is cut to the length your child was when they were born.

(If you do not know the length, we will use an average based on the weeks gestation.)


Plus, we record key early-birth information so every ruler keepsake is unique and tailored to your child. 

The MODERN style offers 2 quotes in 2 fonts with timber options of 6 stain colours and 11 text colours. Birth details are in a set modern font to match other products in the Modern range.
Commercial-grade vinyl details are hand-applied to the 19mm timber and covered in protective clear varnish.


Production Times: Learn more about caring for Rulers and the current 4 week production time in our FAQ page.

Shipping: Current Shipping Rates can be found here.