Urban Alphabet


"Urban Alphabet is a wonderfully inclusive book which explores real word examples of letters, allowing children to connect and engage with a wide variety of printed text in real-life situations. This book promotes an opportunity for inclusive learning and discovery for all children and their families."

- Belinda Webb, The Resource Kit
Behavioural Consultant & Special Education Teacher


It’s never too early to start reading to children or start teaching them the alphabet. Luckily, the alphabet is all around us in signs, logos, labels and graffiti, and early exposure to this real-life literacy helps children understand the written world they see.

Urban Alphabet is a book we created to introduce the alphabet to children in a vibrant, inclusive and unique way.

From A-Z, each page includes a large letterform photo, Uppercase and Lowercase letters, AUSLAN fingerspelling signs and Unified English Braille diagrams.

Sized at a comfortable 19x19cm, Urban Alphabet is printed and perfect-bound in Melbourne using high quality paper stock with gloss cover.

A perfect book for your child's collection or as a gift for new parents.


Discover the alphabet together!


- Complete A-Z photo pages
- AUSLAN fingerspelling signs
- Unified English Braille diagrams (not raised)
- 19x19cm size
- High quality paper stock with gloss cover
- Printed and bound in Melbourne, Australia